Elite 8 Ford Award 2017: Week 6


Ja'mee is considered one of the top juniors in the state. And for a high school program which has seen a lot of next-level talent, head coach Sammy Mack thinks Asberry is as good as any to play for the Lady Cardinals.

Her stats this season back that claim. Asberry is averaging 20 points per game this season in addition to 7 assists, 6 steals and 4 rebounds.

"Ja'mee can pretty much do it all," Mack explained. "She's jet quick. She shoots the ball well. It's hard to defend her. A lot of teams get back in a zone because they know how quick she is."

And college coaches recognize those skills as well. It's why Ja'Mee has already made a verbal commitment to Oklahoma State for 2018.

"I like the colors," she said. "I like how it's not too far away from home. And it's in a good environment."

But for a team that always seems to fall just short of winning a state championship, can someone like Ja'Mee finally put East Central over the top?

Coach Mack thinks so. "With her knowledge of the game and her competitiveness, this could be the year we get it done," he said. "She brings an extra point to the game."

Ja'Mee agreed. "If we play as a team, we're sure to win it!"


Verdigris is the defending state champ in Class 3A and for graduating six seniors from that team, it has been up to Alfred Brewster Peacock V to pick up the slack. (They call him Brewster.)

"He leads our team in points, rebounds, steals, and assists," said head coach Randy Upshaw. "Saturday night in our district game, he went for over 2000 points in his career. He just brings a work ethic he's had since his freshman year that I think rubs off on the other players."

According to Peacock, he never is satisfied. "There's always the next thing; the next goal," he said. "I was very lucky to play with a lot of good players in my career. And I'm just trying to cap it off one more time [with a state championship]."

Brewster hasn't decided whether he'll try to play basketball in college. But if that doesn't work out, it turns out he has other talents as well.

"The Thunder game; that preseason game at the BOK Center, Brewster got chosen randomly [out of the crowd] I guess," said Upshaw. "He did a dance off against some others randomly selected and they showed it on the jumbotron. He did really well!"

"I can dance sometimes," Peacock said with a smile. "I was nervous that time. It was insane."

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