Elite 8 Ford Award 2017: Week 7 Nominees


It's been a special year for Kara and the Lady Patriots. Her off-season efforts to her expand her game have really paid off. And it shows on the stat sheet.

"As a player I've improved on my 3-point shot," said Speer. "Last year, I shot like 5 times the whole season. But this time I've made a lot which has improved."

"She averages 17-18 points a game," head coach Rick Holmes explained. "That's the stat that always gets looked at.

"The stats we see are the steals she produces with her size, her assists, she's our second leading rebounder, and she does such a great job with that."

Numbers don't lie but they don't always tell the whole story. Kara's work on her intangibles have made just as big of an impact for MCA. It also helped her a NCAA Division-I scholarship to play at Incarnate Word next fall.

According to Kara, "Whenever we're down, I've been the one to try to encourage people like, 'Hey, we can do it!' Like this is our year, we can do it!"

"When she gets on the floor the energy transitions from maybe giggling, laughing, or talking to [focus]," said Holmes. "Her motor never stops. she can go the whole four quarters if she needed to."


Being the coach's son can be a challenge. But Colt has earned his way with the Sandites. He's averaging over 22 points per game while shooting over 50% from the floor. But the father-son dynamic always makes life a little more interesting.

"It's a little harder sometimes," Colt admitted. "But on the basketball court he's not my dad, he's my coach. I kind of understood that now."

"On AAU teams, we've definitely had our battles as father and son," said Sand Springs head coach Eric Savage. "But we've always tried to leave it on the court. And once it's over, it's over."

Even with the family ties to the hardwood, Colt's dedication to improvement this season has been entirely self-motivated.

"My shooting has gotten better this year," said Colt. "Like over the summer, I really worked on that. It was something I really wanted to improve; constantly just shooting after practice, just in the gym all the time."

"It's certainly been a passion and a dream of his to play at the next level," said Eric. "And I think he's put in the time and is getting closer to that dream coming true."

Congratulations to Kara Speer of Metro Christian Academy and Colt Savage of Sand Springs for being our Week 7 Elite 8 Ford Award nominees!

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