Ford Award 2017: Week 3

Holland Hall senior running back and defensive tackle Joe Smith accumulated 209 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns on 13 carries while making six tackles, including a pair of sacks, in the Dutch's win over Metro Christian. (KTUL)

"Joe Smith, senior running back and nose guard, Holland Hall."

Which is an interesting combination of positions. When Smith isn't plowing through defenders in between the tackles, Joe's the one filling the gaps.

"Just last year we moved him down," explained head coach Tag Gross. "He's so quick off the football, we thought he'd make an impact inside and he really has."

A formula which has helped Holland Hall get off to a 4-0 start for the first time since 2010. "I feel like I've improved a lot in the last year," said Smith.

"I've been working on different areas; like different parts of my game that I feel like I can be better at like my speed and explosiveness."

The results of Joe's conditioning show on the field. Smith had 13 carries for 209 yards and 4 touchdowns offensively while racking up 6 tackles, including a pair of sacks in the Dutch's 45-14 win over Metro Christian.

"That's what has been the most impressive to me," Gross said of Joe's conditioning. "Every time he comes off the field on defense, he comes right over to the offensive guys to sub in and is ready to go at tailback."

Now Holland Hall heads into district play. And Smith says his team keeps a simple goal in mind.

"[We] just want to get better each week; improve," Smith explained. "And hopefully that leads us to a state championship."

So congratulations to Joe Smith of Holland Hall for being our Week 3 Ford Award nominee.

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