Wagoner still streaking towards state history

The Wagoner Bulldogs have won 38 consecutive games following their week 1 win over Coweta. (KTUL)

"2014, we lost to Cascia Hall," recalled Wagoner High School head football coach Dale Condict before Wednesday afternoon's team practice. To be more specific, it was October 3, 2014 when that happened.

A lot has happened since that time. We landed a probe on a comet. "Birdman" won the Academy Award for Best Picture. And we elected a new president.

Wagoner has won a lot of games through this time period as well; which includes three consecutive Class 4A state titles.

"We're at 38 [wins] and the record is 42," said Condict. "Of course to break [the record] you have to get 43. [The streak is] talked about so much we can't avoid it. So we've kind of embraced it to a certain extent."

And it certainly doesn't appear to have affected this team's success. But opinions vary on what has been the key to making it this far.

"I think it's good coaching really," claimed senior wide receiver Nikia Jones.

According to Condict, "You have to have great players."

His son and senior linebacker Austin Condict said, "Good coaching."

Whatever the case, the Bulldogs have already been tested in 2017. Wagoner overcame a 14-point halftime deficit to win at Coweta 41-27 to open the season.

"We're a 2nd half team," explained Austin Condict. "We have coaches and players who know how to adjust. It's just kind of like an extra bit of motivation, I guess. But it's definitely not our main focus."

"Our head coach is a good coach," Jones said. "But we also have to make plays but I think it's really the coaches that're the big thing."

Coach Condict has his own theory. "You have to keep evolving," he said.

"You have to continually find ways to get better; be it your facilities, your offense or defense. How you run your program, you have to constantly try and find ways to make it better."

The Bulldogs have another challenging road game Friday when they travel to take on Pryor.

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