Paul George received glowing remarks about OKC...from Kevin Durant


Paul George barely knew anything about Oklahoma City when he was traded from the Indiana Pacers to the Thunder on June 30. According to an article by Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins, shortly after the trade was announced, he received a call from a rather unlikely source promoting his new city, and his new team. That call came from former Thunder star Kevin Durant.

"KD was like, 'That place will blow you away,'" George says. "He told me, 'They can offer what other teams can’t in terms of the people and the preparation and the facility, down to the chefs and the meals.' He was pretty high on them. He thought it was a first-class organization in every way."

In addition to hearing from the NBA Finals MVP, George also received a call from Pistons point guard Reggie Jackson. Jackson also played for the Thunder, but hasn't had the best of relationships with his former team since being traded to Detroit. Despite recent history, Jackson told him he would love OKC, according to Jenkins.

Thunder brass, and their fans, hope George will stick around in OKC for more than one season - he's set to be an unrestricted free agent in 2018.

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