Underwood's homecoming in Manhattan

When Oklahoma State arrives in the Little Apple on Wednesday, it will be a homecoming of sorts for Cowboys head coach Brad Underwood. The 'Pokes first-year head coach grew up 104 miles from Manhattan, in Mc-FUR-son, Kansas -- and served as a KSU assistant from 2006-2012. Tomorrow's game will mark his first time back in his old stomping grounds in some time.

"We were back to see friends three years ago."

Underwood didn't just serve as an assistant at K-State - he played their, too - from 1984-1986. Going home will be a completely different animal than facing Kansas State in Stillwater a few weeks ago.

"Yeah, it's a lot different," Underwood said. "I'll probably have some emotions walking out of the tunnel at Bramblage, but, I can see how Bill and Lon face their alma maters. You kinda get by that. It'll be different - I have a lot of friends there - that part will be special."

As for what color his friends and family will be wearing at the game? All bets are off there.

"I'm sure that my family better be wearing orange. I get it though - I'm sure there are a lot of people with conflicted interests, but that's ok. That's ok - I understand that."

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