OU golfer recalls his weekend at The Masters

Brad Dalke watches his shot April 13 in Norman. (KOKH)

NORMAN, OK (KOKH)- A player for the University of Oklahoma's golf team got to play The Masters.

Brad Dalke, a 19-year-old sophomore, is back from playing the holy grail of golf. His first shot in the practice round of The Masters was with two time green jacket winner Bubba Watson and Steve Stricker.

"Obviously I've been nervous before, but I've never felt my knees kind of want to buckle during a golf shot, but that was the most nervous I've ever been until the tee shot on Thursday," Dalke said.

Augusta National greens are perfection and demand perfection starting at hole one.

It's a tough opening hole. It's a tough wind for the hole and it's long. It's up hill and everyone has jitters on the first hole," Dalke said.

After spending a week on the course deemed where God hangs out, there's a couple of stand out moments. One of those moments for Brad is getting to play with Jordan Spieth, and his shot on hole 16.

"Hitting it to a foot on 16 on the second round was cool. That hole gets a little bit rowdy. It was cool getting to hit on close to there. I probably heard people yell Boomer at me 1,000 times and I'm sure there weren't that many OU fans out there in sure they were probably trying to make me happy," Dalke said.

Coming off the heels of The Masters Brad and his team are gearing up to compete in the Maxwell at Oaktree Country club on Friday and Saturday.

"It will be really fun to get to play close to home, and I'll have some family out there and hopefully a pretty big crowd it will be on TV and will be a lot of fun," Dalke said.

Sophomore player Blaine Hale described what it's like getting to play close to home.

"Whenever you make a putt or hit a good shot you get some cheers and it's a pretty cool atmosphere and you pump each other up that way," Hale said.

Even though Brad is back in Norman he said this isn't the last time he'll go to Augusta and experience a tradition unlike any other.

"Obviously I hope it's not the last Masters, and there's plenty more ahead of me but defiantly and awesome one to start on," Dalke said.

Dalke finished placed 3rd out of 5 amateurs at The Masters. Oklahoma University's golf team is ranked 13th in the country.

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