John's Blog: Is it time to say goodbye to preseason rankings?

sc_ap football poll.png

I've been thinking about this for a few years - and I now think the time has come. It's time to say goodbye to preseason rankings in college football.

Think about it - yeah, I know they're good fodder for the dog days of summer (since we've apparently forgotten about baseball, and are a football-driven society). But when you get down to brass tacks, what purpose do they really serve?

What the "experts" are doing is really nothing more than an educated guess. They're saying "Team A was really good last year, and they lose a couple of key players. They have young guys, who we don't know anything about yet as far as how they'll perform on a big stage - but, since they were good last year, and they have a good coach - let's rank them ___."

Here's the AP Rankings after Week 1:

I find it crazy that Houston and Georgia are nine spots better than we thought, after playing just one game - while Oklahoma and LSU are 11 and 16 spots worse than we thought, respectively. That just doesn't make sense.

What also doesn't make sense is why college football doesn't wait until, say, October 1 to put out its first poll. That way, you've had a decent sample size - around a quarter of the season - and have a true feel for which teams are good, and which are having an off year.

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