Practice No. 1 in the books for Tulsa Football

Coach Philip Montgomery watches over the Golden Hurricane's first practice of Fall Camp (KTUL).

The earliest start ever for The University of Tulsa’s preseason camp was “executed at a good level” Monday night, July 31, according to Golden Hurricane head football coach Philip Montgomery.

“I thought our energy level and enthusiasm was really good today,” said Montgomery. “I thought we were paying attention to detail, especially with the older guys. Now the younger guys are lost, but they’re supposed to be lost right now.”

“Our older guys really flew around. I didn’t see a lot of looks in the air that said ‘I have no clue what I’m doing.’ Guys were locked in and focused and I thought really executed at a good level, added Montgomery

Only 12 hours will elapse before the Hurricane is back on the practice field Tuesday morning.

“The short turnaround is a little bit of a concern because we’re getting off the field a little later than I wanted. But it’s day two. If there was ever a time to have a short turnaround I think day two is it,” said Montgomery.

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