The "future" of TU Football?

The "future" of TU Football?

There's a growing trend in college football: Offering scholarships to young players. When I say young, I'm talking like nine-years-old-young. Yes, that actually happened just last month. Could Tulsa be headed in that direction?

"I want to see a guy, girl, whoever it is, upfront and leading; eager to get better. We're just out here competing and having fun."

"Yeah, I'm really looking for tenacity; the effort and the attitude. Ya know, kind of a nasty streak in some of these guys.

"And a body type like Adrian Peterson would help too, right?"

"Yeah, you know, definitely 6'2" would definitely help. But you know, 3'5" is what we're going with. Ya know, as long as they're dominating and playing fast, I'm good with it."

"There were some guys really getting after it. I was impressed. You know, finishing blocks; really hustling around. You can really tell these kids are hungry for some offers."

"Ready... *tweet*"

"Any offers yet?"

"Not yet, we still got to do some film study. Then we'll meet as after camp as a staff. Then we'll probably hand out some offers this week."

"What's the youngest age you've ever offered a scholarship to?"

"Coach Ashley just had a baby two days ago. So I offered him I think the day after he was born."

Alright, all joking aside, yes, all of which you just heard was a joke. The "Future Hurricane" camp was held today at H.A. Chapman Stadium serves multiple purposes for TU.

"Ya know, it's a community thing and it's a football thing. I mean, our sport is getting attacked in society today. With all the talks on concussions and everything else. This is just an opportunity to show that this game is still fun. You can still learn a lot from this game in a discipline aspect, a teamwork aspect, and just learning how to get along with people. So, there's so much you can learn from this game and I want to make sure our kids are enjoying it at a young age that it's going to carry them through."

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