TU Football: A perfect example of when a "bye week" comes at the wrong time

"Usually, during your bye week, you get a chance to go back and fundamentally work on some things, do some of those things," TU head football coach Philip Montgomery said. "We really had one practice of that, where generally you get a week of that."

It's not an ideal situation that the Golden Hurricane find themselves in, and you can thank the American Athletic Conference & it's scheduling. Tulsa is coming off of two-straight Friday night games, and now turns around to face South Florida on Thursday - all but negating the benefits of a bye week.

It's stating the obvious - but things haven't gone TU's way this season. Still, Monty has yet to see his team give up.

"Our guys are continuing to fight and battle for 60 minutes," Montgomery remarked. "We haven't had a game, except for maybe one, that I've felt like we didn't come on the field ready to play."

With no bowl game as a carrot dangling at the end of the season, the Golden Hurricane will instead try and send their seniors off with two straight wins.

"Very excited to be able to come out and play these last two games with these guys," TU senior defensive end Jesse Brubaker said. "These last two games are going to be like the first 10, honestly. It's my last year, and I'm running out of games, so these last two will be good."

"You want to go out on a good note," Montgomery added. "We've got two games left, I'd love to send our seniors out with a better taste in their mouth, but I'd also like our young guys to have a little bit of momentum - whatever you can grab from it - with two big games left."

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