TU Football: Spring football ends, but not the QB race

Tulsa QB coach Beau Trahan watches as Luke Skipper (13) takes a snap during the Golden Hurricane's spring game. (KTUL)

Under the watchful eyes of head coach Philip Montgomery, the Golden Hurricane wrapped up its Spring season on Saturday - a season that had a handfull of questions as it began... and at least one of those questions still remains - who will be the starting quarterback when Tulsa heads to Stillwater to face OSU for the season opener.

"Right now, we're not going to name a starter unitl we get into fall camp, and it'll probably be several weeks into fall camp," Montgomery said. "We'll see how those guys continue to keep battling with each other. I think the competition has been really good, they're stepping up and learning a lot, but until we get them under the lights you're never going to know."

One thing we did learn over the Spring is that - despite the big shoes to fill at the position - the Golden Hurricane locker room is confident in both Chad President and Luke Skipper.

"I feel like if Chad or Luke are on the field on Saturday, we're going to have a really good chance to win the game," TU Defensive End Jesse Brubaker said. "I think they're both pretty confident players," Running Back Corey Taylor added. "They came out and worked this Spring like everyone else, and did an amazing job. We're really looking forward to next season."

As for the two guys themselves - both Chad and Luke have different mindsets as they enter the summer still in a race for that starting position.

"Just love each other. That's all you can do," Skipper said. "We're a brotherhood - Chad will say the same thing - we're all working for a conference championship and you can't do that with cancers on the team."

"I think my mindset is to beat myself out," President explained. "I have to be better than I was the day before. I have to come out here and try to be better than that day, try to push these young quarterbacks. Try to get them better as well."

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