TU's Bennett represents family punting legacy

University of Tulsa sophomore punter Thomas Bennett discusses his football career during the team's media day on August 4, 2017. (KTUL)

Once upon a time Australian professional rugby player Darren Bennett decided to come to the U.S. with his punting skills. Bennett would play in the league for the next nine years.

Darren's son Thomas Bennett is now the punter at the University of Tulsa. But believe it or not, Thomas didn't see a college football career in his future.

"Out of high school I wasn't really planning on going to college for football," Bennett said at the Golden Hurricane's team media day. "I was just planning on doing my thing for academics. But it just ended up this way. I knew coach Beau [Trahan] when he was at Baylor. That's why I ended up there. And that's why I'm here now."

Having a father who brought the many types of punting to the NFL, Thomas has learned quite a bit.

"There's always just your regular spiral; which is what Americans always kick," Bennett explained. "Then there's the drop punt which spins backwards. And there's 'over the falls' which goes sideways."

And expect to see Darren Bennett helping out with the team as well this fall. "I mean, it is weird having him around just because it's just more of a professional environment than my high school was," admitted Thomas.

"But I enjoy having him because he's always been my coach. And on the field that's how it is. Having him there is nice to always get a few pointers."

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