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Growing up, I was a very shy girl with extremely low self-esteem. I thought I would never see the day where I could turn on a television and see myself on the screen.

Instead of hiding in the shadows for several years, I finally took a chance on faith and stepped into the light. I won my first beauty pageant at the age of 16, and from then on I began to see my potential and purpose in life. The adrenaline of pageantry and onstage presentation peaked my interest in journalism.

I joined the news team of Tulsa's Channel 8 in April 2015 as a multimedia journalist. I started my career in my hometown of Omaha, Neb. as an MMJ at KPTM FOX 42 News.

My experiences as an MMJ allowed me to be my own creative director. The position requires a number of skills, including being the reporter, videographer, video editor and website coordinator. The daily requirements of an MMJ taught me how to be an independent and reliable asset to the newsroom by becoming proficient in those skills.

I am a proud alumna of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in December 2011 with a bachelor's of Journalism.

As a former title holder of a few pageants, I've forcibly made it a habit to workout, Lord knows I love ice cream. When I'm not eating junk food, I love traveling, serving the community, going to concerts, movies and sporting events. What I value most is the time I spend with my precious family and friends. I'm also an avid shopper and a huge Nebraska football fan, go Huskers!