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Hi my name is Maureen Wurtz and I'm a multimedia journalist here at Channel 8. I moved to the "Sooner State" in January of 2015 from Omaha, Nebraska. So far, it has been an amazing adventure and I've had a blast meeting so many sweet, kind and welcoming people. My favorite thing about this job is getting the chance to share meaningful stories from all over Green Country. One of my favorite things about Tulsans so far, is how welcoming everyone is. I'm also working on using the word "y'all" in everyday conversation, and I think I'm getting pretty good at it, y'all.

Yes, I'll say it here, GO BIG RED! Apart from being a huge Husker fan and an alumni from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I grew up and started my professional career in Nebraska.

After graduating college, I landed a job at KPTM in Omaha as a multimedia journalist. I worked there for three years, covering everything from tornadoes, snow storms, elections and all the in between. While I was reporting there, I received a silver medal for a breaking news story and a bronze medal for our newscast from the Nebraska Broadcasters Association.

In October of 2014, two tornadoes wiped out the small Nebraska town of Pilger. I'll never forget pulling up to the town in my car and losing my breath when I saw the damage firsthand. I spent quite some time there and it was amazing to hear the stories of survival and see the people coming together to help out.

One story I was able to see from start to finish was the arrest and conviction of a serial rapist. In the '90s in Omaha, there were five women who were raped but the attacker was never found. In 2013, a man broke into a woman's home in midtown. The woman, upstairs, had just finished talking with exchange students about staying safe in Omaha. During her class, she had an Omaha police officer come and answer questions. While the woman was upstairs, someone driving by spotted the man breaking into her home and called police. The same police officer who spoke with her students heard the call and recognized the address right away. Police caught the guy quickly and after a DNA test Anthony Vaughn was later sentenced to 110 to 140 years in prison. The woman credits her faith in God and her guardian angel for working pretty hard that day.

Taylor Swift opened her "Red" tour in Omaha one year and even if you aren't a fan, the story I was able to put together would make you a "Swiftie." I was able to be there as a mom surprised her little girl, Carly, with Taylor Swift tickets. We hid the camera in the room and hid in the bathroom. When Carly found out, she was so excited. This concert was extra special for Carly, who has bravely battled Arthrogryposis since she was born. That means she has stiff joints, weak muscles and also suffers from scoliosis and restrictive lung disease.

Apart from jamming out to Taylor Swift, I love almost any type of music. My favorite type of music is country music, which is very appropriate living here in Oklahoma. (How many country superstars are from here, 101,520?) I love belting it out in the car or on karaoke night.

I grew up in a family of seven, that's a grand total of five kids. I'm the second oldest child and the oldest girl, so that means I'm the smartest and I know everything. I love spending time with my family, getting goofy emails from dad and participating in our annual "Wurtz Open." I've been our designated photographer, but I'm thinking next year I'll be hitting the green.

I grew up playing the piano and love classical music. One of my favorite things to do to relax is paint.

I'm also always looking for some yummy local restaurants to try or new recipes to experiment with!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio! If you have any story ideas, feel free to send them to me or hit me up on Facebook here.