A Quiet Tornado Season For Oklahoma

After the violent outbreak of tornadoes and severe storms in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and other states on Monday, here is an update on our relatively quiet storm season to date.

The peak period for tornadoes in Oklahoma is April and May, but only seven have occurred so far this year. The lowest number of tornadoes during a year was 1988 when 17 were reported.

The seven tornadoes that have occurred this year came in April and May. On average, we typically see about 46 through the end of June.

April 2014 (4)/ Avg. Number 11

May 2014 (3)/ Avg. Number 22

June 2014 So Far (0) / Avg. Number 7

The Year's with the least number of Tornadoes

1988 (17)

2002 (18)

1989 (20)