Cold grows in December, but will it snow?

Extended outlook

November will end up being the third or fourth warmest November on record, so there really hasn't been that much cold weather to contend with...yet. December could make up for what November was lacking.

While temperatures overall for the month of December might average out to around normal or slightly below, after the unseasonably warm November, December might feel rather chilly.

Wednesday will be chilly and this weekend will be rather chilly too. However, a stronger front will move through the area by the end of next week. Before each front, we will see rather warm temperatures, so the cold air that rolls into the area will be transient and not the permanent cold we see in December of 2000.

Now, we have to wait and see how long the cold sticks around after the next big front next week.

What about snow? Well, I don't see any significant chances in the near future (next eight days). But, if we do see a big outbreak of cold air next week, we could see an increasing chance for winter weather around the 10th of December.

Keep logging on to and I'll keep this blog updated on any weather potential we see as we go through the upcoming cold season.

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