Today is the hottest day of the year

Welcome to the hottest day of the year for Tulsa (on average). And, true to climatology, today is rather hot. Now, this year, might not be the hottest day of the year, but if one is to look through the record books, they would see that the records for today would be warmer than any other day of they year.

For instance, there has never been (on record) an August 2nd with a cooler temperature than 82 degrees, for a daytime high. This according to Bill Lawrence from the National Weather Service. Also, today's record warm low is 87 degrees set back in 2011. This is the warmest overnight low in history for Tulsa.

As you can see, more heat is on the way, so just because we pass the hottest day of the year, doesn't mean that we are done with the hot weather just yet. Normally, around the 10th of September is when we start to notice a difference in the temperatures.

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