Heat Advisories & Warnings Today

Welcome to summer! A ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere is keeping us locked in hot and humid today and tomorrow. Most of the Central and Western part of the state is under a Heat Advisory, while Tulsa Co. is under an Excessive Heat Warning.

So what does this mean? The combo of heat and humidity can lead to heat-related illnesses this afternoon. Temperatures will approach the upper 90s, while the heat index could easily be 105 to 110! Drink plenty of water, get some good air conditioning in, and if you do venture outdoors, stay in some shade to break it up. Don't forget to wear light and loose fitting clothing too!

If you feel the least bit queasy or light-headed, you'll definitely want to seek a cool place and if need be, call 9-1-1.

The good news? After a bit of a break Thursday (thank you cold front!) we'll have a more powerful system move through late in the weekend. Could that mean only 80s for next week? Stay tuned--- and stay cool!