Summer Heat Returns

After the 5th coolest July on record and below normal temperatures for most of August, our cool snap has ended and the heat is back. This change shouldn't come as a surprise since August is typically our hottest month with more 90 and 100 degree days on average than any other month. By this weekend, triple-digit heat will return to most of the area. So far this summer we've only had three 100 degrees days, and all occurred in July. We normally experience nine days with 100 degree heat or higher.

We have seen more 90 degree days this summer than triple digits, but even those numbers are lower than average due to our cool snap in July and August. Since May, we've had 46 days in the 90s, which is 20 days below Tulsa's yearly average of 66.

It looks like our trend of near normal to slightly warmer than normal temperatures will stick around a couple more weeks. The latest outlook from the Climate Prediction Center has most of the state with a good chance of experiencing above normal temperatures at least through the end of August.