Alpha Kappa Alpha brings vaccines to Greenwood District
Alpha Kappa Alpha brings vaccines to Greenwood district. (KTUL)

As the delta variant continues to spread, the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority partnered with a local Walgreens and is looking to drive up vaccination rates in communities of color.

“It doesn't skip over anybody. This COVID nightmare is real and it will kill, it has killed and has continued to kill,” said president and CEO Dr. Glenda Glover. “And is killing younger and younger now.”

Their mobile health clinic made a stop in the Greenwood district offering the vaccine to anyone who wanted one.

“We were able to provide 36 mammograms to women that were uninsured in the community,” said Ora Douglass, AKA Program Committee International Chairman. “We were also able to vaccinate 26 individuals.”

Douglass, who is also a registered nurse, says they were pleased to be able to get that many people vaccinated, but even more so it was about raising awareness and eliminating misconceptions about the safety of the vaccine within the community of color.

“I'm from a family of medical providers and it just breaks my heart that black people, people of color have this misinformation and don't get the correct information themselves,” said Douglass.

And it's Glover's hope that the information won’t fall on deaf ears.

“Educate, participate, vaccinate,” said Glover. “We believe that if enough education is in the space then more and more African Americans will become vaccinated.”

They’ll be taking their clinic across the country, their next stop is in Washington D.C.


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