USA Rare Earth coming to Stillwater
USA Rare Earth (Mummolo/KTUL)

It's been vacant for years, but the massive building out on Airport Road in Stillwater, as the banners indicate, has someone new arriving.

"To land this caliber of organization is huge for our community," said Melissa Reames, Deputy City Manager of Stillwater.

USA Rare Earth owns a mine in West Texas where they unearth metals such as lithium and beryllium. From their website, "Our materials and technologies are critical to electric vehicles, green energy, consumer electronics, and the defense industry. Our battery-grade lithium and tech metals are necessary for chipsets, semiconductors, and 5G."

"Rare Earth is going to be one of the only organizations here in the United States that manufacturers, that refines these minerals," said Reames.

According to the Governor's office, the company plans to invest more than $100 million in developing the facility. Why Stillwater?

"They tell us number one, it was the building. The building has these very high ceilings which is a requirement for what their process is going to need, so that was a plus right there," said Reames.

And as for job creation?

"Huge job creation. So at build-out we're hoping, they're hoping for about 113 jobs and the pay is going to average somewhere between $50 and $60K, plus benefits," she said.

"It's always nice to see Stillwater growing," said Brook Marshall of Little Shop of Flowers, happy to hear about the coming boost to the local economy.

"It's so awesome to see new opportunities come in, new business opportunities for people in town as well as how it will affect businesses here locally, just feeding our economy as it just grows," she said.

And as for OSU, city officials say they'll benefit as well.

"They want to partner with OSU and the research potential that's out there," said Reames.

Thursday the governor, the mayor, and company officials will formally announce USA Rare Earth's arrival, which is being touted as a win not only for Stillwater but for Oklahoma.

"Oh it's a huge win, for all of us, for the whole state," said Reames.


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