16 Homes Get Face Lift From Rebuilding Together Tulsa

For 16 years, Rebuilding Together Tulsa has helped low income families do repairs to their homes.

More than 200 volunteers are helping 16 homes get the face lifts they need. On Saturday, the volunteers focused mainly on painting the outside of the homes. But painting isn't the only thing these volunteers do because some homes are in need of a new roof.

"Something had come through the roof and I came home and water was all in my front room," homeowner Willy Batson says.

Batson has been living in his home since 2005 when his parents passed away. He became his mothers caregiver and had to take a large pay cut to take care of her.

"Help me do things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do financially," Batson says.

Batson says these volunteers have been working on his home for months now and 30 to 40 people came out just to paint.

He says it's been an adventure, but he is blessed and appreciates all they have done. This year, Rebuilding Together Tulsa focused on homes near Burroughs Elementary.

Some volunteers have been helping for four years now and say it's all about giving back to the community.

"It's such a small amount of time in our day to really be able to really brighten up something for somebody that can't do it themselves. To be able to provide them with just new paint on their home something they would love to have but physically can't do it anymore," PSO volunteer Mary Jackson says.

Rebuilding Together Tulsa will be helping 175 families with home repairs this year. Their focus is on making the homes safe, secure, and weather proof.

Once a family meets the requirements, Rebuilding Together Tulsa will work on the most important problems first and painting the outside is the final touch. The families are just excited to see the final work being done.

"Their efforts will be everlasting to the impact of the neighbors," says Batson.

The 16 homes being worked on Saturday will be complete in May.

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