4 Dead In Apparent Murder/Suicide

    Neighbors knew it as the home of a wonderful family of four, but it will now be known as something entirely different.

    "It appears to be a murder/suicide sort of scene," said TPD Captain Matt McCord.

    Two adults, and two boys under the age of 10, all of them shot to death.

    "Based on the physical evidence inside the house the homicides detectives believe that the adult male, because of the proximity of the firearm to his body, is the person who shot and killed the other individuals," he said.

    Did neighbors notice any signs of stress or trouble?

    "None, zero," said neighbor Stephen Wiseman. His family lives right next door.

    "Our kids played with their boys all the time, and played with them all day this last Saturday, we loved 'em," he said.

    The father was an engineer he says, the mother, a computer analyst, both of them highly educated.

    "We'd actually taken them to church a few times. My wife had invited them several times and took them to church last easter and she was actually going to ask them to come with us this easter," he said.

    Shock and disbelief, as the question of why echoes throughout the neighborhood.

    "There's no history of domestic violence complaints that I'm aware of, officers are still researching the call history of this house if indeed there are any," said McCord.

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