Autoflections Brightens Downtown


As the saying goes, the devil is in the details, but for Scott McElroy, heaven is in the details, as he opens his new downtown detailing shop, Autoflections.Not since that 1976 funkiliscious hit Car Wash, have you seen someone having such a good time getting your ride squeaky clean."I really love it, I absolutely love it," said Scott.5 years ago, the extent of his operation was a mobile unit that he started as an accounting student at ORU. Today, he's got 3 employees, a shuttle service, and dreams of even more."The vision for this is not just the shop, it's express car washes and other detail shops and past just this shop," he said.And as much fun as it looks like in the movies, car wash entrepreneurship also comes with stress."It's not a cake walk, you go through stuff like, 'Oh no, we gotta do this and we gotta do that, and we gotta do this,'" he said.There's the marketing aspect of spreading your name around town, i.e., this story, and the issue of quality control, Scott is a perfectionist and want his employees to be the same."A lot of times I'll ask them, 'Ok, look at this, is this the way that if you were the customer would you like this?' And they would answer yes or no, and if it's no then I say, 'You need to go back through it,'" he said.A push for excellence in the pursuit of a dream, with the moxie to make it happen."With entrepreneurs I've heard it said that you build something and then you kind of step back and then you go do it again," he said.


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