Bike Shop Owner: Truck Crash into Store was No Accident

A Bixby bike shop owner says a truck that rammed into his store, causing thousands of dollars in damage, was an intentional act.

The truck slammed through the back of Bixby Bicycles around 5, Saturday morning.

Police said they found no driver. Store owner Buster Brown said it's because whoever did it, tied a rope to the steering wheel, placed something heavy on the accelerator, and let the truck do the rest.

"There's no other explanation. It's not random," said Brown.

Brown said he's been targeted four times since December.

"When my windows got broken out in December, they targeted my business, no one else," said Brown. "Then, a few weeks later, it was my house. Then, a few months later, it was my person. Verbal, not physical. And now this."

As for who did it, Brown said he thinks he may know.

"I have my own speculation about who it might be, or who might targeting us. But I really can't say right now," said Brown.

In the meantime, Brown is left with the bill.

"I would say between $40,000 to $60,000 on my side," said brown.

A tough blow, but one brown said won't get him down for long.

"The future is opening up on Tuesday," said Brown. "we have a warehouse back here that we can open up in. We started shuffling stuff over there, washing bicycles."

Brown said most of the bikes inside the store were left undamaged.

If you know anything about this case, you're asked to give the Bixby Police Department a call.

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