Clay Wilson Heading Overseas

Former Lincoln Christian star basketball player Clay Wilson is back in Tulsa this summer after graduating from Princeton. Now he's training to get paid to the playing the game he loves.

"Oh it's been a dream since I was three years old went I started playing." said Clay Wilson, "My older brother was five and I played on his team growing up. Since I was three I wanted to play professional basketball. So I really feel blessed to have this opportunity."

Clay hopes to dribble his way onto a team in Europe. He's signed with an agent that represents over 70-players in 33 different countries.

"I have no idea where I'll be." said Clay, "But that exciting to me because I have been to Spain. I've been to Holland, London and Belgium to play basketball, but I could be anywhere in the world so it's really cool."

He know's several guys who have played overseas and he's received some really good advice.

"Work as hard as you can because it's going to be another really tough transition." said Clay, "You're going to be in a room by yourself a lot of the time with people you don't know. You might not be able to speak their language, but just enjoy every opportunity you get."

He's got the hard work done. He and his younger brother Parker have been hitting the gym several times a day in preparation. It's the foreign language thing that might be a problem.

"I speak Spanish a little bit." said Clay, "You're technically supposed to be fluent when you go to Princeton and I took the courses and I did pass them. (Laughter) But I wouldn't say I'm fluent, no."

He was a sociology major at Princeton, but he understands the economics of being a professional athlete and looks forward to having a job that pays him to play.

"It's something that kind of has set in yet." said Clay, "But now just training in the Summer just thinking about what's happening in the future, it's really cool to know that I'm getting paid to play something that I practiced my whole life doing. You know the NBA guys and looking up to them watching the finals last night.. it's really cool to just see them on TV and know that I'll be a part of that group."

Where ever he ends up, Clay wants to be a Godly influence to those around him.

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