Investigation Continues After 9th Grader Shoots Himself in Coweta School

A ninth grade student shot himself in a bathroom at Coweta Intermediate High School this morning.

Police are continuing to investigate how a ninth grade Coweta student was able to take a gun into a school bathroom and shoot himself Monday morning.

Police and school officials confirmed at a press conference this afternoon that a 15-year-old boy named Tristan killed himself around 8:30 a.m. at Coweta Intermediate High School.

Lt. Donnie Krumsiek apologized for mistakenly saying a gun was not discharged during an earlier media update.

"We want to think in society that our kids our safe," Krumsiek said. "We try everything we can to keep those kids safe."

The campus houses about 250 ninth grade students, according to the district's website.

Parents said they were shocked when they got an alert the school was on lockdown.

"In this small school system you never imagine that you would have to check kids for guns coming in and out of the school," mother Brandi Tramel said. "You tell your kids not to be scared but its hard to tell them that when you're scared."

The message stated intermediate students had been moved to the high school gym and that students could be picked up by parents.

The Intermediate High School closed for the rest of the day. All sporting events are canceled for the day as well.

All campuses will be open on Tuesday, officials announced Monday afternoon.

Police have notified the student's family, but are not releasing his name.

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