Dallas Cowboys' Jones Holds Annual Youth Camp

Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones looks on as local area players go through the practice drills at Booker T. Washington High School.

Former Booker T. Washington running back and college All-American Felix Jones held his annual youth football camp Saturday at his high school alma mater.

Jones' NFL success has varied from year-to-year due to injuries. His commitment to his hometown community has been far more consistent.Felix has hosted the "2 Running Back to Make a Difference" camp every off-season since coming into league in 2008. This is the fourth year.To Jones, hosting a camp was something he always wanted to do."When I had the opportunity to help my community, I took full advantage of it," said Jones.{}Each year Felix brings along some current NFL players to help out. Cowboys wide receivers Miles Austin and Raymond Radway were in attendance.Radway said,{}"I wish I would have had NFL players come talk to me when I was growing up. I think that would have helped me develop more to get to where I am now."Austin was{}even{}willing to make the trip on his birthday. He turned 28 today.The focus of this day-long camp isn't just about technique and skills on the field. It's strong advice on how to approach life away from sports and in the classroom.After a couple hours of technique drills in the morning, they took a break for lunch in the nearby cafeteria. It was followed by a panel of speakers from the local area who have excelled in both athletics and academics.Even Austin was impressed with their positive message."I'm sure [the kids] will appreciate it later," said Miles.{}"You just hope the message gets through to everybody now when it'll mean the most."Afterward, the players went back out to the field for a few more hours of technique drills and then finished up with some 7-on-7 flag football.
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