Development Home Runs Surround ONEOK Field

Inside the ballpark the players were just warming up, but outside the ballpark it was home runs galore. At 1st and Greenwood, the new office building for the consulting firm Hogan Assessments. A block away from that, 8 urban town homes, two of which have already been sold. Not to mention the 70 apartments at GreenArch with a new restaurant on the first floor.

"We're just having our grand opening today," said an employee of Lefty's on Greenwood.

And all of them, within viewing distance of the fireworks at ONEOK field.

"If you go back five years to opening day on 2010, and you look around the ballpark, there was nothing around us," said Drillers General Manager Mike Melega.

And if you go back even further than that, there was resistance to do much of anything down here.

"Yes, there was a lot of push-back, people that didn't think the Drillers should move, even though they were headed to Jenks, and people that didn't think that we needed to invest in a new ballpark and that downtown would never come back," said former mayor Kathy Taylor.

With the naysayers having struck out, growth is rounding the bases.

"Outside of our playground on the other side of Archer, is gonna be 200 residential units, they're going to break ground on that later this year," said Melega.

And just announced today...

"We've been working on this for quite some time," said developer Will Wilkins.

Plans for the vacant lot directly across from the ballpark.

"It'll be a 96 room Marriott TownePlace suites, which is their extended stay product line, along with approximately 24,000 square feet of class A office space, 160 parking spaces in a structure garage, as well as about almost 18,000 square feet of ground floor retail space," said Wilkins.

Play ball! A phrase that applies not only to the game, but to every square inch of real estate around the park.

"I think downtown's back," said Taylor.

"We're just playing our part, and we're excited to see all the rest of this stuff come up around us," said Melega.

"Tulsa's a great town, it offers a lot, there's still tremendous room for growth here," said Wilkins.

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