Experts: Start Planting Certain Plants Now

The ground may still be a little cold, but it's not too soon to start planting certain plants, according to experts. "Already into March, and our weather warms up very quickly- late may June it's going to be very hot and dry and it's worse for the plants at that point," said Carla Groggs, owner of Grogg's Green Barn. Groggs said the winter put her back a couple of weeks when it came to planting the pots at her business. "They're naked in a way! We still haven't planted them yet," said Groggs. Groggs said constant freezing and melting of held up business. "It was a roller coaster of up and down and warm and cold and snow and rain," said Groggs. Groggs said with the temperatures heating up there are some plant that you can put into the ground. She said plants like kale, lettuce, cilantro, and broccoli are sturdier plants that can stand a little cold. "it's better to plant early and get that root structure going so that they can take care of themselves in the summer time," said Groggs.
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