Facebook Page Devoted To Recovering Items From Tornado

Social media is playing a role in this storm and helping reunite victims with their lost property.

There is a Facebook page devoted to the cause.

It's hard to imagine the tornado from Shawnee doing carrying damage, dozens of miles away and all the way to Sapulpa. But one woman thinks that's exactly what happened when she found a photograph that came across her path. Now she wants to find it's owner.

It's a photograph like many lost in tornadoes across Oklahoma Sunday.

"And it had to have been from that storm, because that storm was getting ready to come in and we were getting high winds from it," says LanaTrussell who was watching the weather and the tornado in Shawnee. Later outside, her husband picked up a single photograph snapped one Christmas that he found on the ground.

"It's a baby, somebody's going to want that back," adds Trussell.

That's when Lana reached out to Facebook and a page devoted to the May 19th Oklahoma Tornado Document and Picture Recovery Page.

"It's devastating to know that those people went through all that. They lost all their memories, they just need it back.

There's are dozens of other postings too of items lost and found. Holly found this photograph of a child in her Sapulpa neighborhood last night. Also lost...this teddy bear...said to contain a loved ones ashes. But it's this photograph that Lana has questions about.

"You wonder did they make it are they okay, is the baby okay, you don't know how old this picture is.

Lana's interest in this photograph and others is because she does photography on the side. She clearly understands their importance to families.

"'s part of time, part of your life. I would want it back. I'd want it back."

Lana tells us if she finds the owners of the photograph she'll let us know. When she does, we'd like to be there for their reunion.

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