Former Foster Parents Arrested

Robert EcElvain

Former Tulsa foster parents were arrested Monday on complaints of child abuse.

Robert McElvain, 35, Felecia Polk, 25, were being held in the Tulsa County jail on $50,000 bonds.

The couple used to be foster parents for four children, but the foster children were removed from their care in July after police found them living in "deplorable" conditions, according to a police report.

McElvain and Polk are married to other people, but live together, the police report states.

The two moved into a different house with Polk's three biological children after the foster children were removed. DHS investigators went to the house twice last week noting is was filthy one day, but was OK the next, the report states.

Tulsa Police ran a search warrant on the house on Monday and officers said the house was filthy, covered in bugs and smelled of urine and feces.

The children were placed in protective custody and Polk and McElvain were placed under arrest.

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