Tulsa Utility Truck Falls and Can't Get Out of Sink Hole

It was business as usual for a Tulsa utility truck driver until the bottom fell out Monday afternoon.

Just after 10:30 a.m., Tulsa Police were at the scene of a possible injury incident at the intersection of 400 S. 47 West Ave. When they arrived, they discovered the truck had been snared by a sink hole and was stuck. was on the scene as crews attempted to get the truck out of the hole. According to police, the truck was carrying water used to clean out sewer lines. The truck stopped at the stop sign at the intersection and when he proceeded to drive off, the street collapsed and the back end of the truck fell through.

Currently, a tow truck is holding the truck so it doesn't fall through any further. Crews still don't know exactly how they will get the truck out of the sink hole.

Stay with as we keep you updated.

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