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Girl Recovering From Dog Attack

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A family had been out riding their bikes. but what would set off a 90 pound American Bulldog Terrier and trigger an attack that would change a little girls life.

It was a day the Stonebarger family wishes never happened.

Ashley Stonebarger is Emma's Mother.

"I seen it come on over, when it jumped over it came straight for her."

As Ashley fought off the dog with a neighbors help, police say the dog kept coming after Emma.

Troy Messick is the Assistant Police Chief.

"They threw her up on the washing machine the dog then forced his way into the house and attacked Emma again."

As the children were barricaded in a bedroom, police tranquilized the dog. but the damage had already been done. Emma has a broken jaw among other injuries.

"The dog attacked her 3 different times went over two different fences the first fence was over 6 foot tall privacy fence."

Also disturbing about this case is that police say a dog from the same home attacked a woman in march, requiring medical treatment including numerous stitches.

"I had 18 in my arm alone, 7 in my nose, 9 staples in the back of my head."

Carolyn Bunton is shocked to know that it's happened again, this time to

3 year old Emma.

"I cried. I feel for that little girl ."

The dog that attacked Emma was put down when the vaccination records were determined to be not current, opening the door for possible rabies.

"It just breaks my hear that Emma has received the injuries she's received she's a very beautiful child and she's going to carry this for the rest of her life."

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Vinita police want to see the laws strengthened to help prevent these kind of attacks. Not just for other children like Emma but for everyone.

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