Golden Hurricane Help Feed Starving Children

The TU football team has turned in their helmets for hair nets. And instead of sacking quarterbacks they are sacking food for hungry kids around the world. It's the fourth straight year the Golden Hurricane have teamed up with Feed My Starving Children. With thousands dying every day, it's a mission Coach Blankenship has a passion for."When you realize that you're making a difference for real people, real children that don't have food, that don't have enough to eat it makes me want to do something. it's just not acceptable." said Bill Blankenship, Tulsa head Football Coach."Just knowing that we can take a small dent out of that number is a fantastic thing. Because you can put a price on the value of a single life." said Austin McDaniel, TU Junior Defensive Back.It's a serious project, but one that is a lot of fun to be a part of."We're just going to have a good time. These guys will get competitive at the tables to see how fast they can go and they'll be reaching the guy next to them." said Blankenship.Over the last three years the football team alone has packed over 90-thousand meals. With the help of other sports teams on campus the goal is 100-thousand meals packed today."I believe if we try to reach a hundred thousand, we're going to reach a hundred thousand." Ashley Clark, TU Junior Guard, "Cause you know a lot of us are competitive and I think that's were that comes in because we try to go a fast as we can as quick as we can. Knowing that it's for a good cause and the more we can get out the more we can provide." "We're here everyday on this campus. You know getting meals and going to class and getting a high class education. That's normal for us and you don't think about those kids who don't even dream about that stuff yet because it's not even within in their reach." Liesl Spoerl, TU Sophomore Forward.6,200 kids will die today from malnutrition. The Golden Hurricane hope they've put a dent in that number.
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