Gyms, Health Clubs Most Complained Businesses

January brings a rush of new people to the gym, ready to get fit. If you decide to cancel your gym membership, it may not be as easy as signing up was. The Better Business Bureau says gyms and health clubs are in the top 20 most complained about businesses.

Sky Fitness recommends you find a gym that offers a month to month rate, especially if you are new to working out, instead of a year long contract.

Melissa Templeton works out at Sky Fitness. She switched gyms after a bad experience her son had at another gym in town.

"He was playing in the kids center and broke his hand," said Templeton. "I was never notified."

Templeton thought she would be able to get out of her contract.

"I called up there wanting out of my contract, and it was a month before I could get out of my contract." said Templeton.

Travis Wood, Vice President of Operations at Sky Fitness says most gyms are going away from contracts and instead offering month-to-month memberships. He says new members should take time to read everything they sign.

"The best members for us are educated members," said Wood. "Don't feel pressure. It's about you as a new member, not us as a club. If you have questions, ask us before you sign."

State Senator Rick Brinkley, President of the Better Business Bureau says make sure you follow any cancellation policy to the letter.

"Sometimes a contract will say you can only cancel on a certain day of month or have to give so much written notice of the date you are going to want to cancel," said Senator Brinkley.

Sky Fitness if a gym tries to negotiate its price with you, it is a bad sign. Gyms should also be willing to give you the price over the phone.

Senator Brinkley authored a state law last year requiring gyms to give written notice if they move or change owners. Those gyms also can't continue charging you for membership.

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