Intoxicated Men Claim Dog Drove Vehicle into a Ditch

    Two men were arrested for public intoxication after claiming their dog was driving on Jan. 11.

    A Tahlequah police officer responded to a local veterinarian clinical around 8:45 p.m. on reports of a vehicle stuck in a ditch, according to Nate King, chief of police.

    65-year-old William McDonald and 42-year-old Steven Schofield told the police officer they had pulled over their gold Chrysler Town & Country minivan because they were tired, according to King.

    McDonald was in the drivers seat and Schofield was a passenger. The officer asked how they got the minivan stuck in the ditch and they responded that the dog had been driving.

    Both were taken into custody and their "driver" is doing time in the Tahlequah Animal Shelter.

    McDonald and Schofield face public intoxication charges, but will be able to get their dog back.

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