Jenks Trojans Team Up With Autism Center For Buddy Baseball

Jenks baseball players have teamed up with the Autism Center of Tulsa for the 7th year of Buddy Baseball.

Groups of two to three players are paired with a child with autism.

Players help their buddy with hitting, running and fielding.

Those involved say it's a rewarding experience.

"I got a home run," says Josh Miller, who was paired with Bryce Ward on the Trojans team.

"It's a very humbling experience," Ward says. "We teach each other a lot. I've known Josh a while, I see him around school, but it's always fun getting him out here and playing with him on the field. You can see that they enjoy it. It's really humbling and it's really fun."

Each buddy gets announced individually over the loudspeaker.

They got to take home a trophy with an autographed baseball and photograph.

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