Job Hunting Tips For The New Year

For many, the start of a New Year means the hunt continues for a new job. Your success in finding one depends largely on your strategies.Sure the economy hasn't been the best.{} But there are things you can and should be doing to help yourself land that job.{} Here are a few strategies by CareerBuilder to turn the tables in your favor:

  • Narrow your search.{} You're wasting your time applying for jobs that you're not qualified for or don't really want.{} Instead, focus on the jobs you're well-qualified for.
  • Do something to stand out from the competition.{} If you come across a job you want, send the hiring manager an email directly.{} Chances are the information can be found online.
  • Check out your online reputation.{} That HR manager will.{} Better you take control of what the search of your name will bring up before that happens.
  • It may help to start a Websites.{} It's a great way to showcase your skills and talents.{} Websites aren't as costly or difficult as you might think.
  • Stay current.{} Keep in touch with what's going on within your industry.{} It'll help you when that job interview comes.

Despite the economy, there are always employers needing to hire talented workers.{} Be prepared if that opportunity comes knocking. {}{}{} {}Click here for more job search tips for 2011.

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