Jury Reaches Verdict in Brooks Trial

Garth Brooks stops to sign autographs outside the Rogers County Courthouse in Claremore, Tuesday Night.

After nearly a week of testimony, a verdict in the Garth Brooks trial was reached Tuesday night.

A Rogers County Jury ruled in favor of Brooks, after he sued Integris Health Systems over a dispute over a $500,000 donation that he made in 2005. The jury awarded Brooks $500,000 in punitive damages, along with the original $500,000 he donated.

Brooks told, it was the courage of the jury to put their names on this case and give him the verdict he was after. He goes onto say "I can tell you that forget it this was the hardest thing I can't imagine this was over money but the time you are waiting for that verdict that's the longest time of my life."

It only took the jury a few minutes to award Brooks the $500,000 in punitive damages. One juror we spoke with told us, "we wanted to show them not to do that anymore to other people who couldn't take them to court if they needed to."

Integris Health Systems says this case will not change the way they take donations from people. Spokesperson Hardy Watkins tells, "I think that we have a tremendous track record of very successful donations you see that on buildings and in specialty service areas our track really speaks to that."

Brooks ultimately hopes to get his Mom's name on a hospital one day. He says, "one day mom's name is going to go on the building where the hospital is but that hospital wont be owned by Integris when it'll happen I can't tell you that but that's my dream."

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