Local Customers Respond To P.F.Chang's Security Breach

Tulsans say they are leery of using their credit cards after another security breach at a national company.

P.F. Chang's announced today the restaurant's computers were hacked from October of last year in cities across the U.S. In Tulsa the credit card and data breach happened over a 4 month period February 21 and June 11 of this year.

Kayla Parker is a customer at the restaurant's Tulsa store.

"After the whole thing with Target you would think more people would take more precautions," Parker said.

"Once I found out about the security breach, I started paying cash. And I've been doing that everywhere. I don't use my credit cards anywhere."

In a statement, P.F. Chang's it says "We are committed to providing support and resources, including complimentary identity protection services, for all guests that may potentially be affected by the security compromise."

Mark and Sherry Adrian are customers of P.F. Chang's today and were not impacted by the security breach, but they know what it's like.

"We've gotten a couple of times where we've had that issue happen where someone picked up a credit card at dinner of something like that and charged $25 on an overseas charge, they caught it and they alerted us," Mark Adrian said.

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