Love, Marriage and Financial Infidelity

Love, marriage... and financial infidelity.{} Almost a third of Americans say they've financially cheated on their spouse. A recent survey found that not all couples are in sync financially.{} And that can lead down a path of trouble. The survey by Harris Interactive found that thrifty couples are happiest and too much debt can ruin a marriage. Utah State University researcher Jeffrey Dew says, "Couples with consumer debt tend to fight more.{} They are more stressed about their money and some recent research that I have done even shows that consumer debt is associated with." divorce.{>}The survey found that financial "white lies" can be a problem for a marriage.

  • 31% of Americans who have combined their finances say they've lied to their spouse about money.
  • 67% of those say it caused arguments.
  • 16% broke up as a result.

Another survey found that 80% of couples spent secret money; nearly 20% had a secret credit card. Something to think about on this Valentine's Day.

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