Mother Grace Tucker Leaves Legacy of Helping Others

Today, there are several charities that hand out turkeys for holidays.

But during the 80s and 90s Mother Grace Tucker was a pioneer, known for helping the homeless.

She has passed away, after a life of service, at 93. Channel 8's Kim Jackson has highlights. of her life.

Right along north main, Mother Grace Tucker served about half a million meals. She operated the House of Prayer Rescue Mission. Her family says she reached out to the lowest of the low.

What many don't know is that Mother Grace Tucker was a widow. She'd been married 51 years. She had 16 children.

"I really want to make her proud and uphold her honor," said Regina Tucker, who works in her mother's ministry.

Now the next generation must continue her ministry, of reaching the poor, the forgotten, unwanted and the lost.

Despite many awards, Mother Tucker continuously did a lot of work--for others.

"I was actually a teenager. She would go clean her house, she was feeble. And the lady had about 19 cats," Regina laughed.

Her love was unconditional, they say. She opened her House of Prayer Rescue Mission--to anyone--prostitutes and public drunks.

"She had helped the city so much because she was the only agency that would take them in any condition. Sometimes they would arrest them for public drunk and if they would go to Mother's home, they would not book them," said C. E. Sapulding, who is Mother Tuckers grandson, who was a minister under her direction at Revival Center House of Prayer.

We last talked with her Thanksgiving of 2009--when she was asking for turkeys for the poor.

She was 90-then and her family says she was growing tired.

"Her mind, she still was alive and vibrant but her body just, she just really literally wore her body out," said Regina.

She cooked and preached even now her church provides a meal after Sunday service. Her life was about love--unconditionally. That's one reason why the entire community called her Mother.

Her family says now they will continue her ministry.

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