New Professional Soccer Team Bringing In A Boost to the Local Economy

In just a few days, the first professional indoor soccer team for Oklahoma will take the field at the Cox Business Center. Tulsa Revolution is one of the 20 teams in professional league that started in 2008.

Sunday, more than a dozen workers got the turf all ready for the home opener on Friday, November 22. The arena can hold seven thousand people and they have already sold more than 200 season tickets and haven't even played on their new turf.

"We are here to compete. We have teams coming in from all around the country," co-owner, Shannon Clark, said.

There are 20 players on the team and some are from Tulsa but they have brought in players from all over the world. With bringing in these top athletes to play the game, it means the local economy will benefit.

"People that are going to be coming in, like if we play Dallas Sidekicks or Wichita B-52's, those people are going to come in and stay the night, they are going to soak up all the hotel rooms, they are going to eat at all the area restaurants in downtown. The whole idea is the revitalization of downtown and this is just one cog in the wheel," Clark said.

The main reasons, Clark and Adam Mellor, co-owner and general manger, wanted to bring this indoor professional soccer team to Tulsa was the love of the game and the fact that green county has thousands of youth and teens already playing the game.

"These guys are coaches that are out with these kids everyday these kids are going to come here and watch their heroes their coaches play on the turf," Mellor said.

"Give these athletes somewhere they can compete at a professional level and still stay around there home, where they grew up and raised," Clark said.

Both owners know other professional teams have come and gone in Tulsa, but said the fact they are from the area and have worked three years to get this team here, they are ready to show soccer fans and non-soccer fans why this team is here and provide a family friendly place to come.

"This isn't a drunk fest. This isn't something that we are going to bring in a bunch of crazy rowdy people, we want to bring in the youth, we want to bring in soccer fans, families and non-soccer fans," Clark said.

Clark said they will have cheerleaders and other ways to engage all types of fans. If you would like up to date information about the Tulsa Revolution download their app for iPhone and Android.

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