New Water Changes For Tulsa

    The E.P.A is cracking down on water quality. That means changes here in Tulsa.

    Channel 8's Kim Jackson says its a move to make sure the water is here, is the same quality everywhere.

    The way you get your water is not something you think about everyday. Giant blue pipes that transport our water are something all of us take for granted. But now there is an effort to make sure we have better quality.

    There is a {}huge drum is in place, ready to filled with ammonia and pumped into your water supply. It will join chlorine, which is already in your water--creating something called chloramine.

    The goal is to meet new EPA standards that would eliminate potentially cancer causing elements.

    "Currently there are pockets in the city of Tulsa that have water that exceeds the current standards. When we add ammonia all areas will meet new standards," said Mike Woodburner, who manages Tulsa's water supply.

    Yes, there are some parts of Tulsa that have a better water quality than others. But some people are worried adding ammonia will make it worse.

    "There are people who are very allergic to ammonia, not a lot of them," said{} former city councilor Jim Mautino has a 6-thousand dollar water filtering system in his home.

    He's not sure how his system will filter out the ammonia, which he feels is dangerous to his pipes and fellow citizens.

    "I agree you've got to do something about it. I don't agree with the method they are using," he said.

    Mike Woodburner manages your water supply. We asked him. How does it effect your health?

    "It should be not be dangerous to anyone's health chloramines have been used for almost a hundred years for now in cities and utilities. There may be certain individuals that react to it just like certain individuals react to bees and others don't," Woodburner said.

    He says dialysis centers have been notified, they will need new testing systems because of the water change, which could be harmful to kidney patients. And the new water pumping from this plant will not be suitable for fish tanks, according to several reports.

    They are still working on the installation. You see the orange pipe. It is almost ready to pump in the ammonia.

    The water change should take effect, in the next two weeks.

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