New Year's Eve Celebrations In Tulsa

If you are still deciding what to do New Year's Eve, there are many events all over the city of Tulsa. But one of the largest parties is happening in downtown Tulsa, and it all{}starts at 2nd and Frankfort.{}

{}Right now its an empty warehouse, but crews are working to make{}a historic building{}the VIP room of The Party happening in downtown Tulsa. From there, you will see fireworks and the ball drop, right across the street.

Crews are cleaning white leather sofas--to seat party goers who plan to be in on The Party. Once on Brookside, it has moved to the Blue Dome District.

"It's{}75 dollars to get in and that includes beer and wine food from 9-different restaurants from downtown and champagne toast at midnight," said Lisa Harding, who organized the event.

She says you can be part of the street part--outside, from free. Crews are blocking off streets for your dancing, fireworks and the ball drop at midnight.

"I{}see thousands of people. {}I see great ball drop. We are actually dropping something very unique this year. It's not a ball," she said.

You'll have to wait and see what it is.

Hotels like the Holiday Inn say they are booking up. They even rented extra shuttles to get you to and from your party.

"We expect them to be running constantly from 4 o'clock all the way to three in the morning," said Myers Johnson, of the Holiday Inn.

Restaurants like Yokozuma expect a crowd--thanks to all the excitement.

"We've{}had a lot more reservations than normal and then a lot of people calling like today and its just so last minute, like we just can't do anymore,"said Manager Martina Galvin.

Other venues are holding parties, like the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame--25-bucks gets you appetizers, music and dancing.

So many places to go to bring in 2012. You can stay at home or get in the mix of downtown Tulsa.

The Party starts at 9 and all ends at 1230--you still have time to hit other spots before the night ends.

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