Newly Adopted Girl Receives Gifts of Hearing and Freedom

Jayde Receives Gift of Hearing and Freedom

In just five month, one little girl has a new country, a new family and something she has never had, in the gift of hearing.

But today, life got better for Jayde Scholl, she has a new sense of freedom, thanks to medical technology. Jayde became the first person in the U.S. to receive a new hearing device, just unveiled.

Two months ago, Jayde Scholl at five years old, received a cochlear implant, which allowed her to hear voices for the first time. The implant, placed under her skin, came with an outer ear hook that connected magnetically with the implant. Today she exchanged the hook, for a simple circular processor, that also attaches magnetically. The Med-El Rondo will allow Jayde to move freely, without the worry of the hook on her ear.

Now, she is simply learning to hear precious new sounds and sound out brand new words.

"I was telling my son the other day I said, my expectations for Jayde are high, just as with you. She is just going to have to work harder to get there, but she will," said Dr. Jacque Scholl, her mother.

Dr. Scholll says they adopted Jayde in December. She just happens to be a Doctor of Audiology.

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