OK Innocence Project Takes Fight for Convicted Tulsa Felon to Judge

Convicted in 2002 for murder, he's served more than ten years on his life without parole sentence. Now the Oklahoma Innocence Project says Willard O'Neal Junior shouldn't even be there.

"We believe one hundred percent in his innocence," said Christina Green with the Oklahoma Innocence Project.

O'Neal was found guilty for the murder of Bruce Chamberlain outside the Trapeze Lounge in Tulsa, in December of 2001.

Green said not only did O'Neal have a rock solid alibi, but DNA evidence from the scene was never attributed to him. And Green said the alleged murder weapon, the gun, was mishandled by investigators before the trial.

"At trial, it was said that it was the gun used at the homicide, but we're not exactly sure because it was so mishandled during the investigative process," said Green.

Cases like this are what drives Green. She said the Oklahoma Innocence Project with its staff of two is more than ready to take on the legal system and get O'Neal out of prison.

"We're going to be seeking an evidentiary hearing. That means we want our day in court," said Green. "We want to go in and tell the judge, tell everyone in court, this is the evidence we have. We know Mr. O'Neal is innocent, let's get him home."

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