One Dead in Midtown Shooting

TULSA, Okla. - Police identified one person of interested connected to a fatal shooting Sunday. The shooting happened at an apartment complex near 43rd and Yale.

Officers are looking for 33-year-old Galon Brown and have said he is armed and dangerous.

Authorities also identified the deseased victim, 31-year-old Julian Harris.

The report revealed Harris was arguing with another man. That man was shot in the foot, taken to a hospital, treated, and released.

Police have not made clear who fired that shot, but it was after that Harris was hit by a bullet from someone else. Harris's car went forward for a short distance until it hit a tree. Police are looking for Brown as a person of interest.

"There's probably some sort of feud," said Sergeant Dave Walker of the Tulsa Police Department.

The neighborhood quickly turned into a crime scene. People who live in the area said the shots fired hit too close to home.

"You never know what's going to happen. I mean, we could have been walking to our car and got hit by cross fire," said a neighbor.

People who knew the man said the same group of suspects was shooting at him just two weeks ago at this complex. Police said that's the kind of information they need to solve this case.

"It goes back to the fact that--if these people would tell us what's going on when we're out here initially, we can put these people away maybe even prevent the next one," said Walker.

Police said another man was shot in the leg during the shooting. He is expected to be okay.

Neighbors hope answers to the shooting come before the next cross fire does.

"Wrong people, wrong time. You always just got to keep your eyes peeled around here," said a neighbor.

Police said the four suspects ran to a nearby hotel right after the shooting. Officers are working with the hotel to check surveillance video for anyone involved.

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